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23 November 2020 | Where Are the Other Fake Fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls?, Gordon Govier, Christianity Today.

Spring 2020 | Art Fraud is Both a Science and an Art, Adrienne Bernhard, Open Skies Magazine, Emirates.

2 June 2020 | Pioneering DNA study reveals not all Dead Sea Scrolls are from Dead Sea, by Amanda Borschel-Dan, The Times of Israel

5 April 2020 | Bible Museum, Admitting Mistakes, Tries to Convert Its Critics, by Tom Mashberg, New York Times

28 March 2020 | Op-Ed National Review, by Colette J. Loll, National Review

26 March 2020 | Fake Dead Sea Scrolls Displayed at Museum of the Bible, by Gordon Govier, Christianity Today

16 March 2020 | The Guardian, ​Dead Sea Scrolls fragments’ at Museum of the Bible are all fakes, study says​,Richard Luscombe

16 March 2020 | Science Alert​, Entire Collection of Dead Sea Scroll Fragments at US Museum Turns Out toBe Fake​, Peter Dockrill

16 March 2020 | Breaking Israel News​,All of the Dead Sea Scrolls at Bible Museum in Washington areCompletely Fake​, Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz

16 March 2020 | Haaretz​, All Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments at D.C. Bible Museum Are Fake, InvestigationShows​, Uri Blau

16 March 2020 | Newsweek​, Entire Dead Sea Scroll Fragment Collection at Washington, D.C.’s Museum ofthe Bible is Fake, Investigation Reveals​, Aristos Georgiou

16 March 2020 | Haaretz​, After Dead Sea Forgeries Exposed, How Do We Know the Scrolls in Israel AreAuthentic?,​ Ariel Dav

16 March 2020 | Extreme Tech, ​All Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments at the Museum of the Bible Are Forgeries,Joel Hurska

15 March 2020 | CNN, ​How forgers fooled the Bible museum with fake Dead Sea Scroll fragments​, ​DanielBurke

15 March 2020 | Marsh Viral,How forgers fooled the Bible museum with faux Useless Sea Scroll fragments​,Mirian Miqui

15 March 2020 | The Australian Jewish News, ​Dead Sea Scrolls fragments at museum are fake according toofficials

15 March 2020 | Angelus News​, ​Museum of the Bible’s Dead Sea Scroll collection fake, scientists say

15 March 2020 | Forward​, ​Officials: Dead Sea Scroll fragments at DC museum are fake,​ Marc Brodsky

14 March 2020 | The Times, Museum of the Bible is told its Dead Sea Scrolls are cobblers, Mark Bridge

14 March 2020 | Daily Beast​, ​Dead Sea Scroll Fragments in Museum of the Bible Deemed Fake​, Julia Arciga

14 March 2020 | Christian Post​, ​All 16 Dead Sea Scroll fragments at Museum of the Bible are forgeries​,Anugrah Kumar

14 March 2020 |​, ​Entire collection of Dead Sea Scrolls exposed as FAKE in bombshellinvestigation, Rebecca Nicholson

14 March 2020 | Sputnik International​, ​All 16 Dead Sea Scrolls in Washington D.C.’s Museum of the BibleFound to Be Fake​, Lilia Dergacheva

14 March 2020 | Inside Hook​, Report: Museum of the Bible’s Dead Sea Scroll Fragments Are Fake, TobiasCarroll

14 March 2020 | New York Daily News​, All 16 ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ in the Museum of the Bible are fake​, JosephWilkinson

14 March 2020 | Global News Hut​, All 16 of the Dead Sea Scroll fragments displayed at Museum of the Bibleare forgeries, Germaine K. Curran

14 March 2020 | The Telegraph​, ​US bible museum’s Dead Sea Scrolls turn out to be fake

14 March 2020 | Ancient Origins​, ​ALL Dead Sea Scrolls in Washington Bible Museum are Fake​, Ashley Cowie

13 March 2020 | National Geographic, ​Exclusive: ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ at the Museum of the Bible are allforgeries​, Michael Greshko

13 March 2020 | The Times of Israel, ​All 16 Dead Sea scroll fragments at DC museum revealed as fake, MarcBrodsky

13 March 2020 | Raw Story, ​Busted: Dead Sea Scroll’ exhibit at right-wing supported Museum of the Bible isfilled with fakes​, Sarah K. Burris

13 March 2020 | Washington Examiner​, ‘We’re victims’: Museum of the Bible’s Dead Sea Scrolls are fake​, TimPearce

13 March 2020 | CNET​, ​Museum of the Bible discovers its Dead Sea Scrolls are all modern fakes, AmandaKooser

13 March 2020 | WORLD News Week​, Dead Sea Scroll fakes exposed​, Rachel Lynn Aldrich

13 March 2020 | Relevant, ​Apparently All the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Museum of the Bible Are Phonies


2 October 2019 | What It’s Like to Be a Woman in Washington: 62 Women Explain, by Washingtonian Staff, Washingtonian

11 July 2019 | Corcoran Alumna Finds Her Niche in the Counterfeit World, by Christine Cole, GW Alumni News


6 March 2018 | When Folk Art is Revealed as a Fake, by W.A. Demers, Antiques and the Arts Weekly


11 August 2017 | Vietnamese Art Has Never Been So Popular. But the Market is Full of Fakes by Richard C. Paddock, The New York Times

3 August 2017 | One of Knoedler’s Rothko’s is Heading to a Museum – for a Forgery Exhibition by Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News

1 August 2017 | From a “Rothko” to a “Renoir,” New Exhibit Features Fakes that Fooled The Art World by Abigail Cain, Artsy

June 2017 | The Real Thing by Tegan Jones, PM Network Magazine

1 June 2017 | Fine exhibit of fakes at Winterthur has it all: money, obsession, hubris, deception by Stephen Salisbury, The Philadelphia Inquirer

30 May 2017 | Treasures on Trial: The Art and Science of Detecting Fakes by Karla Klein Albertson, Antiques and The Arts Weekly

27 April 2017 | Company Launches Tool for Weeding Out Fake Artworks Sold on the Dark Web by Caroline Elboar, ArtNews

21 April 2017 | Nowhere to hide: new tool brings technical firepower to the fight against fraudsters by Julia Halerpin, The Art Newspaper

1 April 2017 |  Winterthur exhibit offers insight into detecting art fraud by Associated Press, The New York Times

1 April 2017 |  Winterthur exhibit offers insight into detecting art fraud by Associated Press, The Daily Mail

1 April 2017 | Winterthur exhibit offers insight into detecting fakes by Randall Chase, Associated Press, Pittsburg Post Gazette

30 March 2017 | Winterthur Exhibit takes a second look at old masters of deception by Peter Krimmins, Newsworks

21 March 2017 | New Tool to Sop ISIS From Trafficking Artifacts: A Liquid Tracking Device by Max Kutner, Newsweek 

20 March 2017 | Press Release: Tagsmart’s Advisory Board by Tagsmart Certify

19 March 2017 | Trafico de bienes culturales: las claves del cuarto comercio ilegal del mundo by Irene Hartman, Clarin

13 February 2017 | Why auctioneers are buying into forensics by Melanie Gerlis, Julia Halperin, The Art Newspaper


1 April 2016 | Finding the Fakes  by Cathy Altar, The Oprah Magazine

February 2016 | Pollock and the Polar BearBlouin Art+Auction Magazine


26 October 2015 | La leyenda de Elmry continua, Diario de Ibiza 12

12 October 2015 | Art Forgers Beware: DNA Could Thwart Fakes by Tom Mashberg, The New York Times

12 October 2015 | Experts in the field of fakery by Philip Mould, The Daily Telegraph

1 September 2015 | Online art sales are on the up-and so is fraud by Dan Duray, The Art Newspaper

24 July 2015 | Mark Landis forfalsket kunst i 30 ar by Kjetil Lyche, Dagens Naeringsliv

5 July 2015 | Art: Testing the Truth of What We See by Thomas Hine,

February 2015 | The Art of Deception: Forgeries and Fakes by Steve Gill, SLICE Magazine


19 November 2014 | Make the Time: Art Forgery ExhibitionThe Art Minute: Short Lessons in Art History

14 November 2014 | Canton exhibit looks at fakes and forgeries in the art world by Laurie Huffman, The Review

30 August 2014 | Editorial: Exhibition offers unique view of art,The Canton Rep

30 August 2014 | New exhibit explores crime of art by Carolyn Mostyn, The Suburbanite

19 August 2014 | Why eBay Is an Art Forger’s Paradise by Lizzie Crocker, The Daily Beast

19 August 2014 | eBay’s Art Fraud Problem Is a Two Way Street by Marion Maneker, Art Market Monitor

1 July 2014 | Painter charged with making fake Jackson Pollock’s by Jennifer Gould Keil, The NY Post

29 May 2014 | Review: Ringling show about art forgers is authentically fascinating by Times Art Critic, Tampa Bay Times

17 May 2014 | The Battle Over by Jennifer Gould Keil, Modern Luxury Magazine

16 May 2014 | Ringling exhibition features works by art forgers, Authint Mail

1 April 2014 | Intent to Deceive: Fakes and Forgeries in the Art WorldOn View Magazine

27 March 2014 | At this Massachusetts art museum, some forgeries are faker than others (but better not trust your eyes) by Jonathan Keats, Forbes

26 March 2014 | Dark Arts – ‘Intent to Deceive’ takes a close look at famous forgers by Don Stewart, The Recorder

29 January 2014 | Fake Picassos Are Currently Being Shown at Springfield Museum’s Exhibition on Forgery,Complex Art+Design

28 January 2014 | Traveling exhibition organized by International Arts & Artists reveals the captivating world of art forgeries,

26 January 2014 | Forgeries: Real insights from fake art,The Boston Globe

21 January 2014 | Springfield exhibit explores deceit in art world by Geoff Edgers, The Boston Globe

03 January 2014 | Celebrated art forgeries coming to Springfield Museum by Ray Kelly, The Republican – MassLive


31 December 2013 | So Valuable, It Could Almost Be Real by Patricia Cohen, The New York Times

1 December 2013 | Magnifying Fakes by Randee Silv, Arteidolia

25 November 2013 | How A Polar Bear Hair Could Solve The Mystery Of Jackson Pollock’s Last Painting by Paige Cooperstein, Business Insider

24 November 2013 | A Real Pollock? On This, Art and Science Collide by Patricia Cohen, The New York Times

15 November 2013 | Art Under the Microscope by Helen A. Harrison, The Sag Harbor Express

12 November 2013 | More Evidence Come’s To Light On What Could Be Pollock’s Last Paintings by Viriginia Garrison, 27 East Springs News

10 November 2013 | Pollock’s Final Painting or Just More Questions? by Jennifer Landes, The East Hampton Star

10 November 2013 | Jackson Pollock’s final work is proved real by Anna Seamen, The National

8 November 2013 | New evidence offered for authenticity of Pollock’s purported last work by Jonathan Allen, Reuters


7 April 2011 | Gleaning the True Identity of an Enigmatic Forger by Eve M. Kahn, The New York Times

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31 March 2017 | New exhibit will bring out your investigative side by Action News, ABC6

31 March 2017 | Treasures on Trial at Winterthur Museum by NBC10

30 March 2017 | Winterthur’s newest exhibit Treasures on Trial: The Art and Science of Detecting Fakes by Shelby Vacarro, WDEL 101.7FM

21 March 2017 | Archeologists in Syria Use ‘Data Water’ to Confound Antiquities Smugglers by Deborah Amos, NPR Morning Edition


21 August 2016 | Fake or Fortune?: Portraits, Series 5, Episode 4, BBC One

13 June 2016 | Copying Art: Why do people copy famous works of art and who buys them?, The Why Factor, BBC World Service


15 October 2015 | Using DNA Encryption to Combat Art Forgery by Jillian Weinberger, The Take Away

8 June 2015 | Falsificadores: artistas de la estafa, El Pais TV


4 September 2014 | ‘Intent to Deceive,’ Jake Johannsen and Orgone, by Dee Perry, Idea Stream, Applause, The Sound of Applause

2 September 2014 | Exhibition feating art fakes & forgeries at Canton Museum of Art also reveals FBI Investigations,by Colin McDermott, ABC NewsNet 5 Cleveland 

26 August 2014 | Canton museum takes a closer look at forgery, fraud and the art of deception, by M.L. Schultze, WKSU News

6 April 2014 | In the U.S. an exhibition fake painting of the most famous artists incites great interest, Russia1

1 April 2014 | Open Studio with Jared Bowen: Intent to Deceive and Becoming Cuba, by Jared Bowen, WGHB

19 March 2014 | Springfield Museum Highlights Famous Artistic Forgeries, by John Charlton, FOXCT

10 February 2014 | Masterpieces of deception: Some fake art worth real money, by Anthony Mason, CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley 

10 February 2014 | Exhibit on Art Deception Debuts in Springfield, by Paul Tuthill, WAMC Northeast Public Radio

24 January 2014 | Famous Fake: Art Exhibit in Springfield Looks at Forgeries and Forgers, by Jody Santos, New England Public Radio 

15 January 2014 | Intent to Deceive: Why art forgeries are commanding top level security,by Anna Marie Tremonti, The Current (CBC Radio) 

7 January 2014 | ‘Intent to Deceive’ Explores Some of the Art World’s Best Fakes, by Bob Oakes, The Artery (90.9wbur Boston’s NPR® news station) 

7 January 2014 | Midori House, episode 560, by Steve Bloomfield, Monocole 24


Colette being interviewed by Anthony Mason, CBS News