A new standard for authenticity in art, Tagsmart is an advanced artwork security platform. It enables artists, galleries and collectors to add DNA-tagged proof of authenticity to artworks, increasing their value and protecting them from fraud and forgery.

Tagsmart offers an uncopiable smart DNA tag placed on the artwork itself, a smart Certificate of Authenticity that can provide irrefutable proof of ownership and provenance and a Digital Passport of the artwork uniquely paired to the smart DNA tag. Generating significant media interest, the platform has already shown strong traction in the art world and has been adopted by some of the world’s leading artists including Marc Quinn, Gary Hume, Mat Collishaw, Idris Khan, Mat Chivers, Deborah Azzopardi and Jürgen Kuhl amongst others.

Colette Loll served on the Advisory Committee, where she will assisted Tagsmart in meeting its mission by sharing insights and knowledge on the art market needs and trends, as well as contributing to the latest scientific developments and applicable research.

Visit www.tagsmart.com to learn more.


Proactive Anti-Fraud Initiative in the Online Marketplace

“…in 2015, sales of art online were estimated conservatively to have reached $4.7 billion, up seven percent year on year, and accounting for seven percent of all global art and antiques sales by value.”

-TEFAF Art Market Report 2016

Art Fraud Insights, LLC understands the implications of a growing online art marketplace and, by providing practical solutions to the prolific problem of faked and forged artworks, is pioneering efforts to secure it.  AFI’s proactive anti-fraud initiative – the first of its kind in the industry – began as a pilot project, but has since grown and developed into a proactive program.

Through AFI’s expert analysis of data collected by our global team of researchers on the most vulnerable segments in the art marketplace, AFI has developed a propriety taxonomy and methodology to identify fraudulent artworks, misattributions and deceptive practices by sellers. The data collected allows AFI to support clients by quantifying the scope of the problem of deceptive listings, developing strategic recommendations, making policy recommendations, and creating buyer and seller educational resources. Art Fraud Insights, LLC continues to innovate ways in which the online art market can strategically work against the entrance, sale and continued circulation of fake and fraudulent works of art, both within the online marketplace and beyond it.


Verus Art

Verus Art, a collaboration of Arius Technology (Vancouver, BC) in partnership with Larson-Juhl (Atlanta, GA) and Océ Technologies (Venlo, Netherlands), is the art world’s first 3D museum printing program that captures the true colors and textured brushstrokes of original works of art. With detail that ensures accuracy within ten microns, Verus Art provides in-museum painting digitization of master-level artworks, enabling museum patrons and art aficionados alike to experience the visual and tactile sensation of an artist’s original brushwork.  Verus Art’s mission is to enhance the way art can be experienced from a visual and tactile perspective. Visually, the added textured brushwork captures the true essence and beauty of the artist’s original vision. The ability to touch the re-creation allows art enthusiasts, students and the visually impaired access to a new sensory experience, and creates opportunities for a new kind of art education.

Art Fraud Insights, LLC continued its leadership in providing solutions to the art market through its collaboration with Verus Art. AFI is worked with Verus Art to expand partnerships with museums, artist foundations, artists and collectors to use these 3D recreations to promote the use of responsible reproductions, for outreach, conservation and new opportunities to engage with the public. It is AFI’s hope to advance the dialogue regarding the use of 3D printing to increase the accessibility of art without compromising authenticity.


Visit www.verusart.com to learn more.
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