Art Fraud Insights, LLC is connected to the National Alliance on Mental Illness through AFI’s relationship with reformed art forger, Mark Landis.

Colette Loll was introduced to Mark Landis, the enigmatic art forger who donated fake works of art to museums around the country for nearly three decades, through her work on the exhibition Intent to Deceive: Fakes and Forgeries in the Art World and her involvement in the award winning documentary, Art and Craft. Recognizing that Mark’s behavior stemmed from mental illness, Colette was compelled to help change the dialogue about Mark within the museum and art world. She established Mark Landis Original, a website where people can commission Landis to make portraits from photographs. By facilitating a positive use of Mark’s talents, this project helps ensure that Mark will continue to feel a sense of purpose, acceptance and friendship, as well as legitimize his work as an artist. Friends of Mark Landis makes a yearly donation to the National Alliance on Mental Illness to support their work in raising awareness, providing support and educating the public on mental illness.


Watch the abc News profile on Mark here.